Low Calorie Meal Plans

Welcome low calorie dieter. On this site you'll find low calorie meal plans to help you find the right foods to eat. Use the links on the left to help you find the meal plans that fit your needs. Use a free BMR tool, like the one included with a StartYourDiet.com membership, to find the daily calorie intake that is right for you. You should also consult your physician to determine the nutrition levels that are best for you.

Sample BreakfastOur sample menus feature easy-to-find store bought foods. Feel free to substitute brand names and ingredients, but be careful as calorie information can vary by brand. Also, when using these sample menus, keep in mind that they do not include snacking and drinks. You may wish to select a plan that is lower than your needed calories to account for adding these items.

Low Calorie Lunch

In addition to watching your calorie intake, you should make sure you are getting adequate exercise, sleep and water intake. All of these things help add up to a healthy lifestyle and lasting weight loss. Enjoy the delicious foods of the world in moderation and you'll be on your way!

Low Calorie Dinner